These unsightly blemishes can usually be eliminated or faded in a few short treatments

We offer Laser Thread Vein treatment in Oxford.

How does it work?

The laser beam reacts with the colour in the blood within the vein creating heat which damages the vein walls and seals them off, then gradually over a week for very small fine veins they fade away, larger ones on the face can take up to 2 weeks to fade but leg veins can take 2-3months to fade and may need 2-3 treatments.

skin rejuvenation in oxford, Bare UK

Often the treated veins will look darker for a short while as the blood within them has gone darker when heated but tiny ones on the face often just disappear! There is a small amount of skin reaction for a short time after treatment but this will vary for each individual.

There is a small amount of discomfort (like hot pinpricks but only lasting for a millisecond) during treatment.

We will always see you for a consultation and patch test before carrying out a full treatment and at that time we will give you an estimate of the time and therefore the cost of treating your individual problem area.

For more info about do’s and dont’s before and after laser treatment please see the unwanted hair laser page.

Laser Skin Tag Removal

Small and medium size Skin Tags are treated by using NdYag Laser on specific settings to cauterize the blood supply to the ‘overgrowing’ skin cells that create the tag.

skin rejuvenation in oxford, Bare UK

The tags will change colour and texture then a few days later just drop off leaving a small area of new pink skin, which was previously where the tag emerged from the normal flat skin, this pink area will normalise within a month but should be protected from the sun until then.

We will need to carry out a consultation when we will assess them and estimate the time it will take to treat however many you require to be removed this will determine the cost of a full treatment as it is charge by the time it takes in minutes. We will treat 2 or 3 tags at consultation to be sure that you and your skin is suitable for a full treatment. It will feel like a series of very hot pinpricks but this is minimised by using cold air on the treatment area throughout the use of the Laser on the tags.

Thread Vein Correction and Skin Tag Removal prices

These unsightly blemishes can usually be eliminated or faded in a few short treatments.

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