Julie is amazing, makes treatments an occasion to look forward to, always enjoy visiting and am so happy with how effective the IPL has been – summer legs are looking amazing!

Catherine Warrilow

After receiving my reminder texts from Bare UK, I strangely look forward to my laser sessions with Julie, I feel like I am visiting a friend, even though she is very professional. The after effects of the treatment are always more than pleasing.

Mrs Giles, Bicester

I have had laser and IPL hair removal treatments at a few places and Julie is definitely the best. Results have been amazing and the cool machine she uses takes all pain away – so quick and easy. Highly recommended!

Lori Brooks, Oxford

“The laser technology works brilliantly in the hands of a competent professional, and Julie is an absolute perfectionist, both in terms of the astonishing results and in terms of safety. This is one very happy and satisfied customer!”

Donna, Oxford

“I have always wanted to give IPL hair removal a go but could never afford it. I am so pleased I came across Bare UK as I am now on my third session for hair removal and already noticing amazing results and at really reasonable prices compared with other salons. IPL hair removal is far better than waxing… I am definitely going to get it done on other areas – I can’t wait to be hair free for good!”

Kerry Baker, Cumnor

“Julie is extremely professional. She makes you feel at ease, prepares you for the treatment well and has excellent attention to detail. I’ve had the IPL treatment and was shocked by how successful it is. It really is as good as it claims to be. I can definitely recommend Julie and her work at Bare UK. She provides an outstanding and excellent service.”

Cathryn Clarke, Abingdon

“I can’t believe laser hair removal is so affordable, easy and permanent! After years of waxing my bikini line with the inevitable ingrown hairs, I decided to take the plunge with laser hair removal. The effect has been amazing within 2-3 sessions. I can’t wait to see the results at the end of the course of treatments. Bare’s professional approach has eased the process with no awkward embarrassing moments. I would recommend Bare UK Oxford to anyone considering PERMANENT hair removal.”

Lucy Taylor, Eynsham

“As some-one who generally has a very low pain threshold, I was intrigued as to what IPL hair removal could do and how much it could hurt. I was reassured that it was almost painless and was talked through the process and benefits fully. Their knowledge filled me with confidence and I commenced treatment.

I am very pleased to say that it wasn’t painful and the results are evident relatively quickly. Although the initial cost seems high, in the long term I felt it’s worthwhile as I would no longer need to visit the salon for the dreaded monthly wax appointment! I would recommend laser hair removal at Bare they really knows their stuff and are a delight to work with.”

Mrs Hook, Oxfordshire

“I am so pleased with the results of the treatment I’ve had with Julie at Bare UK. Julie is excellent at what she does, she makes you feel at ease and explains the whole process really well. IPL treatment has worked amazingly well. I am really impressed with the difference it has made. I’ll never have to wax again, making it worth the money. A fantastic treatment at a great clinic. You won’t find better!”

Kate M, Oxford

“As I keep saying to Julie, her laser hair removal is the best beauty treatment I’ve ever had and I absolutely mean it. I am thrilled with the results and keep going back to get more bits done. The first session on my bikini line felt nothing short of miraculous. Hairs grow on a cycle so the hairs which were in the dormant stage when I had my first treatment did grow in after about six weeks but having had those ones zapped now also, I am now so lovely and smooth I can hardly believe how good it feels and it has really boosted my confidence about wearing swimwear and underwear.

I also had my underarms done two months ago and not a single hair has grown back. I am so happy about this and only wish that this treatment had been available years ago. Julie is great at what she does – calm, professional, and she explains everything very carefully so it always feels like a very relaxing process. Don’t waste time waxing – go and see Julie!”

Mrs S, Oxford

“Thanks for my destiny that I met Julie. She is such a nice loveable honest person, and my life’s got far more better since I got my self confidence back now with less hair down my thighs and a better looking skin.”

Rana H, Oxford

“I have been a customer of Bare UK for well over two years now. Julie is a nice professional and approachable lady who puts her customers at ease. First with IPL treatment, then with laser touch ups, she has efficiently worked to remove body hair.

There are definitely, as she had explained, areas of the body which are more rebellious than other, but being a knowledgeable professional she is able to switch between the two technologies to obtain the best results. I have recommended Julie to some of my friends as I am pleased with the results of her work.”

Miss G, Oxford

“I felt very uncomfortable with my back hair to the point I put off swimming with the kids as I felt so self conscious about it. I had it waxed regularly but this was real a chore as it had to be done so often and there was no end to it. I came across Bare in Oxford offering IPL hair removal a more permanent solution, I was sceptical as the amount of hair I had and really wondered if it would be effective, I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with the results. Julie is knowledgable and puts you at ease and explains the process fully. I have had 8 sessions on my back and what was dark, thick and dense hair is now very sparse and fine. I don’t have to touch it in between treatments anymore and infact now I take it for granted having very little hair, it’s a good feeling.  I would recommend Bare UK to anyone wishing to see the back of their unwanted hair.”

Mr M, Summertown

“I had a great experience with the laser treatment Julie offered. She’s a professional throughout, explaining exactly what the process would be like while making sure you feel comfortable and at ease. Although the initial costs might seem steep, the treatment reaps results and will save you a life time of monthly wax appointments.”


“Julie at Bare UK is very kind and makes you feel very comfortable during your appointment. Her IPL treatments are much more affordable than other local beauty salons and Julie really takes care and pride in her work to ensure you have the perfect results. I am now a changed person, I suffered from ingrown hairs on my bikini line for years, and have tried all conventional hair removal treatments. Julie’s laser course means that I barely have anything to remove and there are no ingrowns as a result! I can now go swimming.

I was so impressed with her bikini treatment that I have now signed up for full leg and arm hair removal. The first treatment has cleared 50% of my arm hair and those that are left behind are smaller and almost unnoticeable. This is a complete change from my previous gorilla arms. I am just sad that I have left it until my thirties to do this. I would recommend Julie highly for her personal and professional service.”

Mrs G. North, Oxford

“Julie at Bare UK offers a selection of treatments in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. She is knowledgeable about the products and really takes her time over the treatment chosen to ensure that you leave feeling pampered and beautiful!”

M. Shaw, Boars Hill