Acne and IPL

Today we’re looking at acne and how IPL treatment can help you if you have it.
There is no getting around it, spots are a real pain, a nightmare on a night out and a real downer for self esteem.
Acne and acne scarring can really knock self-confidence and can sometimes be very difficult to treat with topical creams or antibiotics. However, the improvements on the quality of patients lives after they have had a course of IPL acne treatment is wonderful.  It’s a real feeling of liberation to be left with fresh, healthy looking skin.

Have you ever wondered where acne comes from?

Well the actual cause of acne is the body’s increased production of the hormone androgen, a hormone produced by both men and women. The androgen hormone stimulates the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, causing the pores in the skin to become blocked which prevents the oil from coming up to the surface of the skin.  Acne is an infection caused by skin bacteria and directly feeds on and breaks down the trapped oil in the skin. As the bacteria increase, waste products and sebatic acid are created and the sebaceous gland becomes inflamed – causing what you now see on your face as a blackhead, whitehead or pimple.

This is where IPL comes in…..  With the aid of our clinically tested and unique IPL system with 15 minutes twice a week for three to four weeks, acne can be a thing of the past.  Anyone with permanent acne can greatly benefit from this treatment.

How does it work?

Our advanced IPL system filters light from a flash-lamp in two targeted ways to ensure that only light with the appropriate wavelengths is allowed to reach your skin to prevent future acne.  Haemoglobin, which is the red pigment in the blood absorbs the light and heats up in the fine blood vessels that supply the sebaceous glands which then destroys the bacteria and decreases the overproduction of oil that leads to acne. As the pustules begin to clear the skin condition begins to improve.  This solution to dealing with acne is easy and essentially painless.

As with any IPL treatment there are certain protocols to adhere to and possible contraindications. A patch test and consultation must always be carried out by a fully trained IPL practitioner before the main treatment commences.

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