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Bare is an Award Winning aesthetic business specialising in laser and IPL hair removal. We have invested in the best equipment to get great results for our clients. Combining a revolutionary IPL with a unique chilled head system and the most effective laser on the market for hair removal with a dedicated, highly trained and experienced laser technician. We have seen some AMAZING results and many very happy clients.We also offer a great range of advanced aesthetic treatments for various skin issues.Our mission at Bare is to make you feel comfortable before and during the treatment, and full of confidence after it!


Julie is a nice professional and approachable lady who puts her customers at ease. First with IPL treatment, then with nd:yag laser touch ups, she has efficiently worked to remove body hair. Being a knowledgeable professional she is able to switch between the two technologies to obtain the best results. I have recommended Julie to some of my friends as I am pleased with the results of her work.
- Miss G, Oxford
Julie is extremely professional. She makes you feel at ease, prepares you for the treatment well and has excellent attention to detail. I’ve had the IPL treatment and was shocked by how successful it is. It really is as good as it claims to be. I can definitely recommend Julie and her work at Bare UK. She provides an outstanding and excellent service.
- Cathryn Clarke, Abingdon
The IPL technology works brilliantly in the hands of a competent professional, and Julie is an absolute perfectionist, both in terms of the astonishing results and in terms of safety. This is one very happy and satisfied customer!
- Donna, Oxford
I have always wanted to give IPL a go but could never afford it. I am so pleased I came across Bare as I am now on my third session for hair removal and already noticing amazing results and at really reasonable prices compared with other salons. IPL is far better than waxing… I am definitely going to get it done on other areas – I can’t wait to be hair free for good!
- Ceri Knight, Cumnor
Winner of  Living in Oxford Award Winner  Favourite Health & Beauty

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